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Our Product Range

Feather Flags

Place the Banderole Display near your shop or trade fair stand to attract customers and passersby. Its windproof fabric is designed to let air through, reducing wind resistance and maintaining stability.


With its lightweight yet robust huge aluminium frame, our XXL pop-up banner can be assembled in a few simple steps to carry your message to any indoor or outdoor event. Use it for shop openings, sales, conferences, festivals, and trade fairs
it sets up and packs away in minutes.

POP-UP Banner

The lightweight, durable aluminium pop-up banner is easy to set up and perfect for shop openings, sales, conferences, festivals, and trade fairs. It is portable for indoor and outdoor use and easy to set up and take down.

Tube Banner Stands

With a 3 cm diameter, the tubular aluminium frame has click-fit joints that make assembly simple and hassle-free.

Magnetic Floor Display Stand

deal for events and trade shows, our magnetic floor display stand comes in both wood and aluminium options. It features an innovative magnetic system for secure print placement, is quick to assemble, and easy to transport, making it a vital component of your marketing toolkit.

Banner With Adjustable Frame

The telescopic banner is easy to assemble and transport, and it is adjustable and multipurpose. It comes with a carry bag for portability and does not require any tools to assemble or disassemble. The banner is offered in three different material options and standard or custom sizes.

Magnetic Pop-Up Display

It functions as both a display and a small stand; its rigid carrying case completes the dual purpose of the magnetic pop-up display. The display’s magnetic bars and concertina-folded frame contribute to its ease of assembly and stability, respectively.

Counter Stand

Our fully customisable cardboard counters are modular and easy to assemble, making them perfect for indoor promotional events and trade fairs. They offer a versatile solution for displaying your brand or products effectively.


A windproof fabric exterior, an aluminium frame that is simple to assemble, and a four-color selection for the roof.

Sideline Banner

This modular aluminium support structure holds two customisable banners and works indoors and outdoors, making it ideal for trade fairs and events. Elastical hooks make banner attachment easy.

Event Arch

A customer-attracting event arch is ideal for outdoor events. It comes in standard or half-moon shapes and can be up to 3 metres tall and 4 metres wide. This arch is easy to assemble and can be stabilised with two indoor and four outdoor stackable ballast bases for wind resistance. Additional bases are available, and a carry bag for the poles is included for easy transport.

Photo Booth Kit

Personalise your selfie frame for any event to capture every moment. These frames, personalised with your artwork and text, make any event photos memorable.

Exhibition Flooring

Take your branding to the next level with our newly designed plastic floor mats. You can print any logo or graphic you want on these mats, which are great for both indoor and outdoor use. At different events and locations, they are a creative way to lead and impress your customers.

Business Cards

Business cards help make a good first impression. We offer landscape and portrait orientations for a unique look. To make your card stand out and match your brand, choose from four sizes.

Leaflet And Flyers

Professional leafleting and event or product promotion in trade fairs, stores, and cafes are ideal uses for leaflets. They come in standard and custom sizes and can be basic flyers or complex marketing pieces.

POS Displays

We have a wide variety of models and sizes of freestanding displays, magazine racks, and self-adhesive pockets that are ready to be customized with your customised design.

Price Packages for Trade Show Displays at Quicklinks

Product Essential Pro Premium Add-on
POP-UP Banner (standard size)
POP-UP Banner (larger size)
Tube Banner Stands
Feather Flag
Counter Stand
Magnetic Floor Display Stand
Banner with Adjustable Frame
Magnetic Pop-Up Display
Sideline Banner
Event Arch
Photo Booth Kit
Exhibition Flooring
Leaflets (500, A5, 130g, both sides)
Business Cards (500)
A4 Brochures
Standard Pen

Customised Display Solutions

Not sure what you need? Our skilled professionals are ready to help you! We go out of our way to understand your specific needs and help you find custom display options that fit your trade show goals.

Campaign 360

Unlock the Full Potential with Our New Campaign 360 Service

Hiring us provides you access to our experienced marketing gurus, as well as high-quality print products. We would love to assist you with designing and writing compelling content. Each step is precise and efficient.


Benefits of Choosing Quicklinks

Every masterpiece follows a journey. Dive into our meticulously crafted design process tailored for success.

  • Graphic Design

    We have inhouse graphic designers who could look after your designs professionally.

  • Cost and Time Efficiency

    Streamline your sourcing process with our all-in-one platform, offering competitive pricing.

  • Seamless Ordering Experience

    Our hassle-free ordering procedure guarantees a smooth journey in acquiring your displays.

  • Swift Delivery Commitment

    Acknowledging the essence of deadlines, we ensure expedited turnaround times, so your displays are ready well ahead of your event.

Our Clients

Our customers are Quicklinks’ greatest asset. We have built strong relationships across industries, delivering projects that demonstrate our dedication and quality. Our dedication to exceeding expectations has made us a trusted design, print, and distribution partner.

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