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Double the Impact, Half the Cost!

Shared Distribution and Collaborative Exposure for Maximum Outreach.Efficiency and cost-effectiveness frequently take the lead in the intricate dance of marketingConsider how you can save money and reach a larger audience by leveraging the power of collaboration. Using shared distribution, brands that complement one another are distributed on the same platform. 

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    Benefits of Shared Distribution

    When it comes to business communication strategies, B2B leaflet drops stand out because they work well and have been used for a long time. Digital channels are often too much to handle, but leaflets let you connect directly and without any filters. These leaflets are more than just paper and ink; they hold the promise of chance, growth, and working together. Now, let us talk about the many reasons why B2B leaflet drops are so useful in the business world.


    Share the distribution cost without compromising on the reach.

    Extended Audience

    Double the brands, double the reasons for an audience to engage.


    Lessen the carbon footprint by combining distributions.

    Collaborative Impact

    Two non-competing brands can benefit from combined momentum and interest.

    Why Choose Quicklinks for Shared Distribution

    • Non-Competing Partners

      For the best effect, we make sure that your leaflet is paired with a brand that does not compete with it.

    • GPS Tracking

      Real-time viewing of the distribution journey ensures the utmost openness.

    • Quality Promise

      Every leaflet is always delivered in perfect condition.

    • On-Time Deliveries

      Your campaign milestones are our priority.

    Comprehensive services packages

    All Inclusive: Design, Print and distribution options for Every budget

    Features Starter Shared (€650) Business Shared (€1,200) Elite Shared (€3,200)
    Leaflets Distributed
    10,000 A5 double-sided
    20,000 A5 double-sided
    50,000 A5 double-sided
    Distribution Type
    Shared Distribution
    Shared Distribution
    Shared Distribution
    Proof Before Printing
    Quality Control
    GPS Tracking
    GPS Tracking
    GPS Tracking
    Paper Quality
    Standard A5, 130g
    Standard A5, 130g
    Standard A5, 130g
    Customer Support
    Priority Plus

    Customised Distributions

    Solo Distribution

    Stand Alone, Stand Out!

    Solo Distribution Your Message, Undivided, and Unmissable.

    Business to Business


    We Mean Business.

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    How It Works

    Step-by-Step Process

    Tailored B2B Leaflet Drops Get Your Message Right to the doorsteps of Fellow Businesses.

    Submit your leaflet design or get it designed by us

    Choose your distribution area and demographic

    Track the distribution progress in real-time

    Receive a detailed distribution report

    Real Clients, Real Experiences

    See What Our Satisfied Clients Have to Say

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For maximum engagement, we carefully match your leaflet with a non-competing, complementary brand.


    Yes, if both parties agree, we would be happy to accommodate this arrangement.

    Shared distribution is a low-cost solution that broadens the appeal. The campaign’s and target audience’s effectiveness can vary.