Effective, timely and prompt leaflet distribution service

We’ll do everything in our capacity to ensure that your leaflet distribution campaign is a huge success. With years of experience in the area of leaflet distribution, we know what it takes to deliver your leaflets to your targeted customers, in turn maximizing your reach as well as brand awareness.  

Quicklinks has the expertise, know-how and potential required to deliver leaflets as per demographic and geographic location. With our effective, timely and prompt leaflet distribution packages, plans and services, clients enjoy maximum impact at highly affordable rates.

Here’s how we differentiate ourselves from the competitors:

  • Our flyer distribution methods and services are tailor-made to match your needs and preferences.
  • We can help you pick the ideal leaflet and flyer distribution method/strategy that meets your overall vision or goal.
  • We help you in targeting the key market areas, depending upon your product/service.
  • Our leaflet distribution team offers complete assistance in terms of identifying your target customers by demographic/geographic location.
  • With our efficient leaflet/flyer distribution solutions, you’ll enjoy the best quality printing and distribution at the lowest rates.

Needless to mention, our flyer/leaflet distribution services are eco-friendly and highly recommended by clients across different industries and verticals.

Our Process

Leaflet distribution services require careful planning, identifying of target customers and distribution in accordance with location and demography. The Quicklinks team is capable of delivering best in class leaflet distribution solutions at highly competitive rates. We help you determine the best leaflet distribution strategy that in turn provides you with value for money. Our approach is pretty simple! We focus on satisfying our customers and meeting their key requirements.

Right from paying attention to the design and details, we ensure that your messages are clear and accurately printed on the paper. We leave no room for inaccuracy and low-quality printing. In fact, after we’ve fully understood your leaflet/flyer printing & distribution requirements, we provide you with unique designs to provide you with the best quality leaflets.

Here’s how our leaflet distribution process works:

  • We deliver neat, perfectly designed, dry and excellent quality leaflets to your customers.
  • Our leaflets are increased and are delivered without being folded.
  • We provide our staff with efficient and prompt leaflet delivering training to ensure quick and smooth distribution.
  • We distribute leaflets in accordance with property occupancy.
  • We ensure that your leaflets get the maximum response by delivering your leaflets to the targeted customers.
  • Our team is adequately hired and trained to ensure that they deliver outstanding performance.
  • Every leaflet project is GPS tracked.
  • We provide post distribution audit reports.

At Quicklinks, we offer the following leaflet distribution methods to our customers:

Solo Distribution

Our solo leaflet distribution services are designed to ensure that your flyers, newspapers or catalogues are delivered on their own with no other material in any urban or rural location. This enables our clients to enjoy maximum impact and visibility. With our solo leaflet distribution services, clients can enjoy complete control on when, where and how their materials are delivered to their target market in Ireland. Each leaflet delivery is planned and executed exactly as per your requirements in terms of area, population and even delivery time. Solo distribution is an ideal marketing strategy for clients who need to communicate to a specific market quickly and leave a lasting impact on them.

Shared Distribution

With Quicklink’s shared leaflet distribution solution, clients can expect quick and efficient delivery of their businesses materials to targeted locations around Ireland. In addition to this, we also deliver the materials of a maximum of three other non-competing companies. This is a highly cost-effective method of distribution for companies with restricted budgets or limited funds at their disposal.

The shared door to door drops is ideal for organizations looking to combine large-scale coverage with a tight budget in Ireland. At Quicklinks, we determine a flyer distribution time frame that works well or complements the distribution strategy or goals of all the parties involved in the shared drop.

Business2Business Distribution

Our Business2business leaflet distribution is ideal for customers that need to distribute their flyers and leaflets at the industrial parks and/or business centres in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick and other major Irish business locations. With our Business2business leaflet distribution, we ensure your messages are delivered to the right people. This plan is ideal for companies that need to advertise and market their professional services with minimal efforts.

With this method of distribution, clients get to choose their target customers, area and time of delivery. This strategy is extremely effective when it comes to connecting with the desired consumer market. In addition to this, our B2B distribution services are available either as a solo or shared delivery packages depending upon our clients’ requirements and preferences.

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