Quality Control

Assurance, reliability, and trust are the three basic things based on which a business develops. A quality control of all the works from meeting the clients to delivering the final product advances the relationship between the clients and the agencies. It is furthered while making first impressions, building a rapport, high standard, and quality work and etc. Customers come with a range of demands and channelizing them or advising them in a whole new perspective is the job of the agency. Lastly a proper controlling of the distribution planning and GPS tracking enables a systematic work and a fruitful result.

Client Screening

Every business has different requirements; some business uses flyer distribution to generate leads, some of them apply to create the awareness, some try to stay ahead of the competition some of them trying run promotions in their local areas. So for us, it’s vital to establish the purpose of leaflet marketing, which allows us to advise our customer’s best suitable areas, timings, quantity required etc.

Quality Control

Quality Control Distribution Planning

Phase 1: Design – Planning process starts from the leaflet design and goes as far the leaflet drop days. We start from designing a useful leaflet which clearly defines the purpose and highlights the call to action.

Phase 2 : Printing – This phase includes picking the right size and paper stock. Some times we smaller size leaflets full of information, or printed one only one side, which perhaps end up in the people’s bin. We only get a few seconds, in those few seconds, your design, message, paper size has been perfect.

Phase 3: includes picking the right day and timing of the leaflet drops. If the timing is proper leaflet marketing may bring wonders for you. Planning is crucial for all our distribution. If we are dropping leaflets for a restaurant, then early week leaflet drop will not work for them as the majority of people order their food over the weekend. We aim to bring the maximum impact from the leaflet distribution.

Audit Reports

GPS tracking, hourly reports, supervisors daily reports are there in place to ensure the quality of our distribution so We would encourage our customers to keep an eye on every leaflet distribution as every second of our leaflet distribution is GPS tracked. Audit reports support our distribution work, and it enhances the credibility along with the transparency of every distribution. We carry your asset in our hands, which is valuable and has the potential to increase your sales dramatically. We require our clients to participate in the distribution by keeping an eye on every progress.

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