Looking to Market Your Business?

Here is why Door Hangers are the way to go!

  • You cannot miss it. Its right on the door handle.
  • It’s a dainty little thing that can be reused.
  • It’s on the doorknob, not on the floor. What’s on the floor is litter.
  • A QR discount code add in would give you the ease of driving the traffic to your landing page from their handsets.

Try it now and find out the results yourself!

It is true that the digital media has not weakened the public love for a printed flyer through the door. But that is a fact known to all marketers. So, along with your leaflet there are tons of other leaflets delivered to doorsteps on a daily basis.

Among the 1.7 million households in Ireland – every household gets multiple flyers a day. Why should they read yours? What sets it apart? If you consider yourself, the age of defining your collateral by colour and font is gone. Now, content is all about utility.

Door hangers are a wonderful idea which comes with its own utility. It’s eye-catchy in its design and delivery – and it can be a keepsake for your customers. Our unique design comes packed with a strategy to apply discounts and barcodes that would require the customer to hang on to your door hanger until they avail the offer.

There – you have got them to read your content, use it and retain it!

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