Importance of Leaflet Distribution for Restaurants

Leaflet distribution may seem quite old-fashioned in today’s digital landscape; however, it offers several benefits to booming restaurants and takeaways in Ireland.
According to a report published by DKM Economic Consultants, there are more than 3,000 takeaways in Ireland, accounting for about 57% of the entire restaurant sector in the country. As such, it’s only when you take advantage of leaflet distribution that you can make a mark for yourself in this competitive scenario.
Reaching non-digital customers.

The internet and smartphones have penetrated a huge segment of our society, but not all people are savvy enough to use them for every small and big thing. However, these people could be your potential visitors to your restaurant. Leaflet distribution helps you reach these people more personally and fill gaps where digital isn’t working.
Provide information with strong visual appeal Leaflets, although text-heavy, can be extremely informative. You get an opportunity to include images and texts of your choice to convey your message. By using various shapes, colors, designs and fonts, you are not only better informing people about your business but also grabbing their attention and boosting the recall value of your restaurant/takeaway brand.

Increase the cost-efficiency of advertising:
Lastly, leaflet distribution takes you beyond the cost constraints of advertising on digital and broadcast media. Leaflets are relatively cheaper to print, thereby proving to be less worrisome for restaurant and takeaway owners. Compared to digital content, which requires investing a significant amount of money and time, leaflets are capable of providing more by taking less.
So, make sure you leverage the power of leaflet distribution to showcase your restaurant menu and
offers and get more orders.