Leaflet Distribution

Quicklinks offers clients the most effective distributions packages and plans available to ensure your businesses leaflet has maximum impact at the lowest cost. By determining which flyer distribution method best fits your requirements we can easily target your key market areas. Targeted leaflet distribution has three main benefits for clients:

  • It allows our clients to identify and target their customers by geographic or demographic location.
  • It reduces printing and distribution costs.
  • It is environmentally friendly.

The primary leaflet distribution methods are solo, shared and business2business.

Solo Distribution

Solo leaflet distribution means that your flyers, newspapers or catalogues are delivered on their own with no other material in any urban or rural location. This allows clients maximum impact and visibility.

Solo leaflet distribution allows you as the client complete control on when, where and how your material is delivered to your target market in Ireland. Each leaflet delivery is planned and executed exactly as you require in terms of area, population and even delivery time. Solo distribution is an ideal marketing solution should you need to communicate to a specific market quickly and with high impact.

Shared Distribution

Shared leaflet distribution means that your businesses material can be delivered to targeted locations around Ireland with a maximum of three other non-competing companies material. This method of distribution is a great cost reducing option for Irish companies.

Shared door to door drops are ideal for companies looking to combine large scale coverage with a tight budget. Quicklinks will determine a flyer distribution time frame that will work effectively for all parties involved in the shared drop.

Business2Business Distribution

Business2business leaflet distribution in industrial parks and/ or business centres in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick and other primary Irish business locations fully ensures that right people receive your message. This plan is ideal for companies who need to advertise and market professional services.

This distribution method gives clients complete control to choose exactly what type of sector they must target. This is a very successful means of connecting with your precise consumer market. B2B distribution is available either as solo or shared delivery packages depending on our clients requirements and demand.