Introduction to Modern Digital Printing

Digital printing is an advanced printing technology. It involves the use of electronic patterns instead of templates that are used for offset printing. This reduces many mechanical steps involved in commercial printing that result in lower upfront costs. Digital Printing can be done using various techniques such as ink jet, dry toner etc. One of the greatest benefits of Digital Printing is that it completely eliminates the wastage of paper.

What Is Digital Printing?

Digital Printing is a process that makes use of an electronic file to create prints with laser or inkjet printer. The best thing about Digital Printing is that it requires minimal setup when compared to conventional ones. This makes the process of Digital Printing highly efficient, less complex and low cost incurring. In addition to this, the main advantage of Digital Printing Service is that it produces less wastage and is comparatively eco-friendly.

Digital Printing can be used not only for regular printing but also to get high end prints. Right from printing a colored photograph to big hoardings, almost everything can be printed using a Digital Printing technology.

Benefits Of Digital Printing

  • Quick Turnaround Time: Digital Printing requires less setup than offset printing which means there is a faster turnaround on the print jobs.
  • Identical Prints: With Digital Printing, each and every print is identical because the ink does not spread as the color and water are not required to be balanced.
  • Efficient: When compared to offset printing, Digital Printing optimally utilizes the raw materials, thus reducing waste and saving money.
  • Variable: Digital Printing is customizable. You can print as many personalized letters as you wish, without slowing down or interrupting the process. With Digital Printing, you can produce different text and graphics according to specific requirement.

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